Care for handmade furniture/Building Blocks GB Ltd

Care for handmade furniture/Building Blocks GB Ltd

Care of indoor handmade furniture

Understanding where the damage comes from

Wood, leather and fabric are living things that need the right amount of air moisture and light. AND LIKE US DO NOT LIKE CHEMICALS.

Too much heat or too moisture causes. Rotting, Fading or Cracking

So, knowing what causes the damage makes it is easy to care for


Placing your furniture under direct sunlight

Placing your furniture close to the radiator

Soaking the fabric or allow a stain to dry.

Do not use proprietary cleaner or any other household cleaners

Do not use of a silicone polish it will leave film build up, that will alter the appearance of the wood.




Most surfaces

Use a clean damp cloth to clean most surfaces.

This will remove dust and give your living products the right amount of moisture

Wood - after wiping down your wood furniture with a damp lint free cloth leave to dry. Then if needed use a good quality bee’s wax polish.

Fabric - spills use a clean cloth to soak up and remove spills.

Then clean with a damp lint free clean cloth.

Fabric - remove everyday household dust and dirt, by gently vacuuming fabrics



We recommend using a coaster to protect your furniture

Giving your cushions a good shake every week or so to help them keep their shape.

When placing furniture check ground is level as wood over time will take uneven shape it is sitting on. Affecting the way draws and doors open and close.

Note about handmade furniture

We supply handmade and hand finished solid wood furniture direct to your door. Made especially for you by craftsmen so if you need two items or more, they would have to be made together.

This is not made on a production line using laminate or chipboard so every piece is exactly the same.

Handmade furniture is real living wood. That has knots splits and wood grain marks which is half the beauty of the furniture.

As the furniture is handmade all parts may be slightly different. Making each piece unique. Our furniture is timeless and will enhance your home for many years to come.

Our product aftercare:

  • Timber: Avoid placing your furniture under direct sunlight and/or near radiators. Also, occasionally polish the non-painted furniture parts with bee’s wax to retain sheen and for longer lifespan.
  • Fabric: To remove everyday household dust and dirt, clean by gently vacuuming the fabric with an upholstery brush. Periodic cleaning of the entire product is required to maintain appearance and to reduce premature wear and fading.
  • Caution: All weight and dimensions might vary from the given specifications as this product is handcrafted individually.  This furniture piece is exclusively handcrafted using 100% solid fruit-wood with no veneers or lamination's whatsoever hence features like grain patterns, knots, minor movements or variations are natural occurrences and should not be treated as defects.
  • Hand Crafted Solid Wood Products:
    As all our products are made from solid wood timber and are in individually handcrafted; do expect minor variations in sizes, finish, fabric, texture, colour, knots, grain pattern, timber movement or specifications. These are an integral part of the natural occurrences of the timber along with rustic & handmade nature of the offered products and should NOT be constituted as defects.


We understand totally if you want perfect replicas, it just means our furniture may not be for you.

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