All Seasons Screen House 3.65m X 3.65m

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All Seasons Screen House 3.65m X 3.65m

All seasons screen house comes with square window patterning that has a tinted, outer synthetic overlay. Each side there are a set of double sliding doors that have a synthetic gauze covering making the all seasons screen house highly contemporary and eye catching.

The main difference between the all seasons gazebo and the screen house. Is the all seasons gazebo has curtain sides and the screen house has fixed corner side panels and double sliding door panels on every side.

Roof panels are manufactured from tough polycarbonate and are, again, tinted.

The continuous tint throughout makes for a cool shaded area inside when the sun is shining but offers a warm space when it's chilly making great for use across all four seasons.

The frame sections are made from steel reinforced aluminium with an attractive silver-grey silver powder coating that looks great with the tinted overlays.

Garden gazebos should be fixed on a solid surface offering a permanent fixture for entertaining friends and family. See terms and conditions.

Snow should be brushed off and not allowed to build up as the gazebo was not designed to carry heavy loads. 

    Assembly and instructions.

    Full height 276cm
    Full width 362cm
    Height from floor to horizontal bar 191cm
    Width of door gap 152cm
    Post to post floor measurement
    Width of vertical post 10cm
    Fitting and delivery included 2 to 10 working days England & Wales mainland only.

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