Artificial Deluxe Green Wall Hedge Panel Mixed Plants 1m2



Artificial Deluxe Green Wall Hedge Panel Mixed Plants 1m2

Our artificial deluxe green wall hedging as you can see is so life like with its lush tropical foliage ferns & grasses that have large fresh and vibrant leaves. Plant walls are getting more popular Indoors and for garden screening. So easy to install needs no watering or maintenance and has an instant effect.

Why buy green wall hedging

  • The vibrant colours look the same all year around.

  • Artificial plants wall can transform dull spaces.

  • Perfect shape.

  • 1m2 panels are easy to work with.

  • Easy to install.

  • No more hedge cutting.

  • No more Maintenance costs.


Size. L1m x W1m

Depth up to 20 cm height mixture of grass flowers and plants, full coverage 

    Delivery 2 to 5 working days. England and Wales mainland only.

    14 Days Returns. We are happy to replace or refund any faulty goods as quickly as possible.

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