Terrarium Bottle 55 Litre Set



Terrarium Bottle 55 Litre Set

With the Terrarium Bottle 55 Litre Set you will to able to make your own closed ecosystem. Plants can survive in a sealed bottle on recycled air, water and food through the closed micro-system.

Plants grow under special circumstances and adjust over time. The only external factor is light.

The set contains a 55 litre belly bottle, cork, telescopic fork and trowel (measuring up to 83 cm)


  • Terrarium bottle 55 litre set.

  • Article number AGG50

  • Dimensions 45.7 x 45.7 x 68.8cm 

  • Volume in litres 55

  • Material Recycled glass, stainless steel, cork.

  • Weight 8.798 kg

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